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Full-Service PEO Consulting and Support

We help brokers and clients navigate
the PEO landscape with confidence

Finding the right PEO just got easier!

Archon PEO takes the tedious, time-consuming PEO underwriting process off your plate and eliminates the need for you to juggle multiple quotes and PEO contacts.

Through our discovery process we identify the best PEO matches for the unique needs of each client. Then we negotiate the rates and provide a comparative analysis that highlights the ins and outs of each option.

We provide unmatched support, product education and expert advice throughout the entire PEO journey to help clients maximize ROI.

Our PEO Consulting Process

Discovery & Quoting

We identity the best PEO options for your needs then obtain quotes and negotiate rates.

Comparative Analysis

We present a detailed analysis highlighting the ins and outs of each option so you can confidently make the right choice.

Resources & Support

Our PEO experts will be there for support and guidance throughout the entire PEO journey from implementation, to renewal and beyond.

Here's How We Streamline the PEO Experience for Brokers and Clients:

  • Handle Underwriting & Quoting
  • Negotiate Optimized Rates
  • Present Comparative Analysis
  • Recommend Best Solution
  • Educate on all PEO services
  • Help with Implementation & Onboarding
  • Deliver Concierge Support Year-Round
  • Provide Expert Guidance and Advice
  • Help Clients Maximize ROI
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